At the edge of Australia, at the edge of the world, our lifestyle, our environment, our history provides us with a singularly distinctive outlook on how we celebrate creativity and culture — and embrace the very best that humanity has to offer from anywhere on the planet.

In 2018 we told extraordinary stories and delivered over 460,000 unforgettable experiences. But beyond the packed streets, theatres and concert halls our Festival made a significant and positive impact on Western Australia’s social, cultural and economic life.

A new report by Perth-based international performance analysts Culture Counts said attendances were up 18% and the program was acclaimed for its diversity, excellence and value to the community.


Download the Perth Festival 2018 Report

About $8.2 million of Festival expenditure went directly to Western Australian artists, suppliers and workers, helping to create 569 full-time equivalent jobs.

The 6568 visitors to Perth from intrastate, interstate and overseas comprised 7% of total audiences and spent $1.023 million on accommodation alone while they were here.

We made a big impact through education and arts sector development initiatives in community halls, workshops and schools across the State. More than 3000 Western Australians developed their creative skills through the Festival Connect program and more than 4700 students took part in the Education Program.

So, what's next for us? 

The 2018 Report has confirmed that the 2018 Perth Festival had a significant positive impact on our home. We are ready to put the success of 2018 behind us and move on to the Festivals to come. You can count on us because we want to live in a place where diversity and difference is embraced by our entire community; where ‘art’ opens the door and welcomes everyone to a world of possibilities; where we don't have to beg permission to stand up and speak out on things we believe in; where our fragile planet and strong Indigenous culture is respected and cherished; where the limits of art and business through technology only exist tomorrow; and where this place of great beauty in the most populous time zone on the planet can be a world-renowned beacon of creativity, activism and innovation.

We want our Festival to celebrate this place, be a hotbed of ideas, and give artists the time, space and confidence to take risks and make the extraordinary happen. We want to make this Festival irresistible for the people of Western Australia because we know that visitors to our State will all want to follow where the locals go.

But, we can only succeed with your help. 

We invite you to make an investment in Perth Festival’s future. Every contribution, no matter how big or small helps and donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.